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The Hardsuits
The hardsuits that Knight Sabers wear are some pretty kick @$$ pieces of equipment that give them the edge when fighting aganst boomers and on occasion the A.D. Police. Each suit is made specifacaly for the girl piloting them so it maxes out each girl's particular skills. They are great but not invincible and Nigel is often called in to repair them. Nigel is also the guy who builds them as we saw him build Leena's in the first tape. Also the hardsuits sort of have their own sex appeal as they are very curvacious and even have high heels.

Priss' Hardsuit
This suit is my personal favorite, I think it's cooler and sleeker than all the others. This suit is made for Priss in the sense she's a more physical fighter than the other girls. The silver knuckles she has one are actually fitted with explosive which gives her punches a real big kick. The reason her heel section of her feet are more extended is because she can actually use thrusters on the back of her calfs to power the her kicks. The extra part on her feet give it more pain to the poor boomer on the recieving end.

Sylia's Suit
This is Sylia's suit, she recently begins to use it again in the second tape of the series. I personally dont like this one, it's just kind of boring, nothing really special looking about it. Anyway it does prove to be useful though, in the right hand of the suit is an extendable blade which can cut through just about anything. On the back of the suit are a pair of wings which enable this suit to fly, none of the other suits can fly so I guess this one's special. ....Looks kinda like the Silver Surfer if you ask me.

Leena's Suit
This is the new suit that Nigel built for Leena in the first tape, not a bad suit...I just don't like the pilot. This suit seems to be a bit more agile than the others, which gives it more a graceful feel, the high heels have a bit to do with that too. This suit weapons are two laser whip thingies that extend from the back of the suit. These two whips can cut through anything and are amazingly fast. They are used and manipulated through the suit, Leena doesn't actually touch the whips herself, that would hurt! I wish there was a different pilot since I really hate Leena but I guess I'm just gonna have to deal with her...

Nene's Suit
Probably the "cutest" suit out of the bunch because of it's pink color. This suit is less of of an actual combat one than the others. The only weapons it's got are the compact chainguns built into it's forearm armor. These shoot long needle like projectiles at an incredibly fast rate. The suits other uses are an radio wave sender blocker thanx to the get up built on it's back. That also gives it a really high hacking capability, other than that suit stays out of the rough stuff while the others handle it.