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The Characters
Here are the main players of BGC 2040. Right now I only have the girls but I'll add the other people soon.
Priss Asagiri
Priss is the most secluded member of the group. She is very quiet and hardly speaks to anyone, even to her own band. People usually only hear her voice when she sings at hot legs. In the heat of battle she is very brutal and takes out her targets with extreme prujudice, even if it's the A.D. Police. If she's not singing or destroying boomers, she can be found riding on her bike.
Linna Yamazaki
The new blood in the group, she is a very weird girl, ignorant to all the bad things that really go on in Neo-Tokyo. Linna is a natural born athletic, which is why she adjusts to her hardsuit so quickly. She learns very fast and proves to be a worthy team member early on. She is a pretty girl and is hit on by many of her employers. But she is strong willed and determined, a very down to earth girl.
Sylia Stingray
A very upper class woman Sylia is the leader of the team. She owns a lingerie shop and has very high class life. But hidden beneath her beautiful looks is a person deeply disturbed with a very absurd hatred for boomers. Her hatred often gets the best of her and causes her brother Mackey to leave her. Also she doesn't go in with her hardsuit as often as the other girls. A very insecure person trying to live a normal life. Personally I think she's a boomer, there's lots of proof for this in the series, you just have to keep an eye out for it.
Nene Romanova
The youngest of the girls and also not the brightest one either. Nene is still not a fully matured young girl so she has a very air headed attitude, but I guess that makes her so loveable. In combat she is very lacking in attacking skills and often gets pounded more than any of the other girls. But she makes for those flaws with her tachnical skills, hacking abilities, and her intelligence. But she always tries to be better than she can, and trying to impress everyone else.
Leon and Daily
These two are partnes that work for the A.D. Police. Leon is a very macho guy, who also wears the usual independant cop atire, the leather jacket and only carrying one gun. Daily is a more relaxed officer who is the brains between the two. He's very smart but I've heard he's gay and has a thing for Leon. These two have numerous run ins with the Knight Sabers throughout the series. They first hate them but then come to value their help in destroying the boomers. Leon also developes a liking for Priss as well.
Nigel is the owner of K's bikeshop, which is in the slum area of town. He's a very quiet man who works exceptionally well with machines. Sylia uses him to fix and upgrade the hardsuits. A love triangle is shown early in the series between Nigel,Sylia and Priss. Nigel doesn't really like either of them, and Sylia gets really uptight whenever Priss is with Nigel. Priss likes Nigel but he seems to blow her off at every turn. Mackey also becomes an apprentience to Nigel, and Mackey seems to be the only person Nigel will really talk too.
Mackey Stingray
This kid is Sylia's younger brother who flies in to live with her. He's a very melancholy kid who has a weird ability to "hear" machines. Therefore he's very good and working with machines. Nigel notices this and let's Mackey become an apprentice to him. Sylia firsts disagrees with this but she soon sees how valuable he is and lets him stay on. He's also a very polite boy and loves his sister but is scared of her because of her mental unstableness.