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The Purgatory

When we die with our sins in our soul, we don't go to Heaven

or Hell. We go to the Purgatory. It is the most dreadful place. Worse

than Hell, but better than Heaven. We go there to feel guilty of all

the things we did that were out of order. The Purgatory is quite

beautiful. It's like a never-ending tunnel with incredible colors. IT

is horrible because the only sound you ever hear are screams of

helpless, crying souls that cannot be saved. With our sins in our souls,

we shall not be saved 'nor damned...but forgotten in the Purgatory.

The Fifth Horseman

When the world has no "peace", there is War. With War, there comes Death,

with Death, comes Plague, and with Plague there comes Destruction. These

four hellish things bring the Apocalypse. The End is near when the four

Horsemen are at large in the green earth. War destroys everything, Plague

kills everything, Destruction kills. This is the perfect team. Each and

everyone one them depends in the other...but there is another

that does not depend on any of the others...Life. Without Life, there is no

Death, Plague would not do anything, Destruction would not matter, and War

would not kill. Life is the leader of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. He is the

most dangerous one of them all.

Just One Reason...

Why am I not dead yet? What's my destiny? What will become of me? If my

destiny was to be miserable, then it's already done. Why do I have to take

this hard, dark path? Everyone has a hard life, just not as hard as others.

Is there actually an easy way to life? This is unbelievable, life gets so

hard that we want to die. There's a problem. There are people that care

about you. Someone doesn't want you to die. There is someone that loves you.

Live for that person, even if you haven't met him or her. That's what I do.

I live for someone, and for one more reason, my Friends will need me one

day. I don't want to let them down. What's your reason to live?

Dooms Day

Our last day on Earth. How sad, how unbelievable, how painful. Who could've

seen it coming? Many did, but no one knew it would be today. Seeing the sun

rise one last time was more beautiful than all those other times. Seeing

your family in the morning isn't stupid today. Your friends, you didn't get

together just to have fun, but to remember all the great times you had. To

see the girl or boy you had your first kiss with, to see the person you

could tell all of your problems and he or she would understand. To see your

high school sweet-heart, to be together one last time. The sun is coming

down. How sad, how unbelievable, how painful. This is the last time you'll

see the sun go to sleep and the moon rise to it's glory. Time is running out

by the second. Tonight is the end. Remember what you've done, and imagine

what you could've done.


My mind knows not of love, or of better things to come. It only knows

darkness, even in the beyond, in the depths of my mind, of my future.

Perhaps my mind must be twisted and wicked, so that other minds remain

un-corrupted. A giant Maze with a world wide scale  is what lies in my mind.

All my questions, all my answers, all my feelings, my love is in the center.

Possible to finish but impossible to progress. The darkness, the hatred, the

loneliness, the pain, will always be there. My feelings only can I bear in

the center of the Maze. Slowly, pace by pace, the Maze will be complete, and

hopefully, love will be waiting for me.

Death Sentence

You can never be sure of what to expect in this god-forsaken path. Many

surprises have been encountered, many remain to be encountered. Some are

good, some are bad. In my case, mostly bad. My happiness is taken away from

me and is shredded to little pieces. My heart is ripped from my chest and

thrown to Darkness, never to be found again. There is only one way out of

life, and it is death. God has sentenced us to die for letting us live. For

life, I thank him, for my situation, I damn him. I curse him, ignore him,

anything disrespectful, but in the end, he always wins. With life, we've

been sentenced to die.


Floating into Darkness for all eternity, damned to never stop. No lights, only darkness. No

beginning, no end. Nothing can be saved in the Darkness. Hell swallows it whole. No little

demons, no Damian, no Satan. Nothing is in the Darkness besides hopeless victims that

are not aware of what is happening. Damned for all eternity, the poor souls can only wander

hopelessly and aimlessly in the never-ending or changing Darkness.

Mentally Dead

Can't you see? There's something wrong with me! Maybe all my past experiences make all

the differences in my mind. I get so down, too many times around. I feel so bad, so

sad…how can I take this crap? I cared for you, I'd kill for you, do anything for you. But it had

to end, everything ends in some point of it's short or long extend. In that ending event, my

reality got bent. That changed me, frustrated me, killed me mentally. I've been left alone to

become bones. I'll be dead, while the rest become the best. Only I can watch, because I'm

Mentally Dead.

A Perfect World

The Perfect World. How beautiful it would be, but then again, how boring it will be. No

change, no difference, everything would be the same. Everyone would be equal, and there

would be no Revolution, no Evolution. There would be no point in living, if there is no

stealing, no killing, no breeding but most importantly, no feeling. Life without freedom is like

a sword without a blade. It would be nothing. The Perfect World is not my first choice,

because there would be nothing to live for. This World is already perfect because we've

got the bad things that make the biggest difference in the world.


Everything depends on something, for Death, you need life, for Light, there must be

Darkness, for good, there must be evil. The one that affects the most the human race is

that for Peace, there must be War. And for technology there must also be War. Many things

have been created in War. The Nuclear Bomb, the Atom Bomb, biological weapons, cures

for biological weapons, and peace.  When a War ends, there is no more use for those

weapons and cures, so the human-race uses them to make life easier. With evil, you can

make good, without death, there is no life, just an endless path. Without War, it is

impossible to progress.


When I'm pissed off, I can only show my hate for life. The way things work out for me aren't

good. They never are. I show my hate for everything, for school, for my friends, for my

family, for my love. Nothing can evade my Rage, my limits for pain are completely

destroyed. If the door won't break, I'll break a bone trying. IF the papers and the wood

won't burn, then I'll burn myself. If I'm pissed and hungry, I won't eat just for the pain. If my

head hurts, I won't take a pill just for the pain. I show my hate for him, for her, for them, for

us, for you. I hate you, because I love you. I'll take all the physical pain I can, but I just can't

take the pain from knowing that I'm just a friend. That's my biggest limit.